Women Only

Empowerment: no more abused women & children Empowerment: freeing the inner child and the outer woman. Situations or better yet characterizations or characters within life that should NEVER exist in today's world. These characterizations / characters exist only to feed some peoples egos because they need to hurt, belittle, intimidate or control others in order to feel good about themselves. These characters I am talking about are abused women and children. That's right women and children who seem to live in a domain where they are sexually, physically and psychologically abused with great regularity and frequency. There are always great rationalizations as to why this is acceptable. In addition to debunking the myth that women are somehow responsible for male violence against them. 

Some think that women are incapable of defending themselves against a male aggressor/attacker. We know from crime reports that women who have the highest success rate in escaping sexual assault are those who use a combination of early verbal and physical resistance. Men often test a woman's boundaries, both verbally and physically, to determine whether or not she will prove an easy victim. Crime reports verify that women who are aware, assertive and who set verbal and physical boundaries have an excellent probability of avoiding or escaping from would-be attackers.  

Role-playing realistic self defense scenarios with properly trained instructors allows women to gain invaluable experience in setting verbal and physical boundaries under stressful conditions. It is a documented fact that training of this kind has enabled would-be crime victims to break out of the normal "freeze response" and take effective action when attacked. Taking personal responsibility for your safety is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself.

Our women's only program topics include:• Awareness• Intuition• Setting Boundaries• Assertiveness and Confrontation Skills• Self Defense in Various Environments• Legal Issues in Self Defense• Advantages/Disadvantages of Various Weapons• Common Sense Self Defense 

Women and children have a strange concept of love, I've heard it many times: I couldn't hurt the person I love EVEN if that person is trying to hurt me or actually hurting me. Now isn't that a strange perception of how life works. And I guarantee that abusers not only count on it they somehow turn it all around to the victims saying "you made me do this"...or  "look at what happened BECAUSE you did this!" "You know it's ONLY because he or she loves me so much that I get hurt!"

​We teach gross motor skill action, instinctive and survival instinct actions to make it viable within actual combat or interpersonal situations. This is NOT rocket science. Simple actions and motions that any person regardless of size or strength can do: Simple Actions and motions that shut the bad guy down and free our users to live a life without fear or abuse.

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, So, love the people who treat you right, forget about the people who don't, And remember, everything that happened today, should have happened. Because it did. Christian Swann