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 Christian Swann and associates, has seminars all over the World. If you are interested in hosting a seminar please contact us at 1-813-546-4433. You may also email us at 

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Executive Survival Camp

This is a 3 day extensive camp held on a private training facility on the beach in Alabama. This camp takes the executive and ultra Affluent client out of their day to day and into a highly advanced Bootcamp. You will discover and experience state of the art mental training equipment, that is used on some of the worlds most elite special forces. While working with some of the best mental instructions in the world. You will be discovering survival at its best with Survivalist and Instructor Dale Steward and Discovery Channel, star of Naked and Afraid, Manu Toigo and Christian Swann, firearms and negotiation expert. Then a sponsored day of defensive and off road driving, close quarter combat, edged tool and introduction to concealed carry, defensive pistol and carbine and negotiations. Then top it off on day three with a game of negotiations and defensive paintball with a couple of the worlds finest retired special force and elite Seal Team 6 guys. $5,000 PP.

This includes your range fees. You will need to bring with you 50 rounds of 9 mm ammo. A $25.00 not refundable deposit is required. Paypal to or email for mailing address. This is an NRA Basic Pistol Course. This class will cover: *The basic Knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. * The different types of pistols. Please feel free to bring your own gun or this will be a great time to try different types of guns to find what is right for you. *Safe Gun Handling *Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting. *Position and Fundamentals of Shooting. *Correct Grip. *Sight Picture, sight alignment, breath control, trigger control and follow through.

RANGE TIME: Range safety, range commands, Loading and unloading, Firearm problems and how to correct. Dry and live fire drills. *Adjusting your sights and more.
Feel free to email or call for different dates and locations as well as private lessons. $145.00

Private Family Advanced Firearm and Survival Course:
Avoidance and Preparation, your safe room, securing your home, doors, windows, garage, boundaries, where and how to store your firearms, realistic scenario drills in your home, Learning to know your home, What tools can be used in your home, school or business, biomechanical cutting, Brain fry, aftermath, concealed drills, understanding the dynamics of an attack, the 21ft. rule, concealed carry,engagement in the home, safe words, security cameras and systems. Day 2 is range day. $498.00

Defense Management Training:
Level 1

Self defense 101, common holds, grabs, chokes and exits, working with edged tools, pressure points, etc. Awareness, boundaries, dry fire and SIRT training, Crisis Management, The four stages of crisis, fear, statistics, mindset and aftermath. Live fire, and intro into concealed carry, moving with live fire, brain fry/saturation point, practice sessions after training. Group Training $125.00 PP
Private 4 Hour $175.00

Advance Level 2: Live Fire, Concealed carry, paper vs steel, moving with live fire, basic ground tactics, Jugular strikes/insertions, Reverse nerve interruption, leg sweeps, edged tool training, take always with edged tool and firearm, non-destructive and destructive disarms, Lapel grabs, release from wrist locks, frontal choke counter and real choke counter, avoidance and preparation, understanding the dynamics of an attack, weapon retention, the 21 ft. rule, reactionary gap. 500 rounds of ammo will be needed for this class.
Group $145.00 PP
Private 4 Hr $255.00

K9 Home and office searches:
Sometimes our kids go down the wrong path in life. It's up to us, the parents to get them back on track. If you know or think that your child is doing narcotics and would like to resolve the problem first, before getting law enforcement involved. Call us.

(NRA Classes and Self Defense Classes can be paid with Bitcoins) See link below
NRA In-Home Protection (Call or email for pricing)

NRA Out-Of Home Protection (Call or email for pricing)

TRX Classes Total Body Workout, All Core, All The Time! $65.00 for a private 1/2 hour class $20.00 for spouse or partner.

Modular Edged Tool Seminar

Seminars can be 1 day, or 2 day event. Multiple day camps are available. One instructor usually teaches seminars and some require an assistant. All seminars are geared for credit towards instructor certification. Certification costs are separate from seminar costs.Seminars require: confirmation of the seminar date, confirmation of curriculum to be taught, non-refundable deposit of $500, advertising of the seminar, and the instructor(s) fees paid before start of seminar. The Seminar fee is a flat fee: number of participants have no bearing on the instructor fee. Seminars cost training fee plus all expenses: airfare, hotel, food, on site transportation. Seminars cost approximately $3500 per day plus expenses. CSSD members and CSSD schools cost is 1/2 of norm: $3500 per two days.

Close Combat Tactical Training/LE
Combative Solutions 37 Seconds
Two Day Seminar Instructor Agent Arnold Allen
27 Yr ATF Special Force Officer.

Risk and Threat Mitigation
Energy and Oil 
Power Line Grid
UAV and Satellite Consultant Solution Development

Defense management group is committed to providing schools, government and private sector, the highest level of training and products available today. Our training cadre has provided platform instruction to Military, US State Department, Secret Service and various law enforcement agencies around the country.

With over 45 years of  combined service in the military and private sector combating domestic terrorism and international terrorism. We also work with other agencies in Extractions, Kidnapping and Human Trafficking.

For more information, call or email.