"I started out in Martial Arts at the age of 7 and continued until I was 10 and then lost interest. At the age of 11, I was raped. Things changed dramatically for me at that time.  I was determined to never again let anyone offend me in that way, so I recommitted myself to taking self-defense, martial arts and self defense and to compete until I was 17; earning my 1st black belt."  

Christian Swann, has over 20 years of government, corporate and international experience with an impressive record in project management. Christian has earned global recognition in the areas of security management in both high and moderate risk environments as a Subject Matter Expert in executive protection and anti-terrorism.

​Ms. Swann is a self-defense expert who provides training to the military, law enforcement community and first responded's on a local, state and federal level.

Her goal is to get more women involved in the shooting sports and self defense. She is a life member of the NRA and a Second Amendment activist.

Ms. Swann’s credentials include NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA IN & Out Of Home Protection. Certified Hostage Negotiator, Master Licensed Anti-Terrorism Officer, Senior Certified Close Combat Self Defense instructor, Certified Modular, Gunting and Edged Tool Instructor, Certified TRX Instructor, and FEMA-Certified Emergency Planning and Management.  She holds a black belt in Modern Arnis and has trained extensively under Bram Frank, as well as,  the KAPAP Israel fighting system under Avi Nardia, of Israel. 

Christian Swann is an sponsored Three Gun competitor and sniper competitor.

She is a risk advisor to some of the most prominent wealthy clients in America. "Why would anyone want to use anyone else" states client A.Kennedy. It's a win, win solution for someone like myself, that demands discreet, and secure transactions."Christian gives luxury a whole new meaning." I have do doubt she will be the next face of Miami."

Christian Host and writes for "The Shooting Channel." As well as "Conversations Under The Wine Tree."

Ms. Swann is currenting working on a book entitled, " On Sniping." She has interviewed over 200 snipers worldwide. She also has recently has written a book on Emotive Behavior and the Four Emotions that Block Human Happiness with a release date spring of 2017.